What is PayPodo?

Paypodo is the crypto payment solution to allow users to pay with crypto currencies even without any prior knowledge about crypto. By uniting all major systems into an All-In-One Payment solution consumers have everything they need for crypto payments and trading in one account.

This combination guarantees an easy and transparent One-Stop Payment Solution for merchants and consumers. Untill now, wallet creation must be repeated for each individual cryptocurrency but with PayPodo consumers enjoy the automatic creation of all wallets for all offered cryptocurrencies.

So far transferring FIAT money to several wallets is a complicated process and must be repeated for each individual cryptocurrency every time. PayPodo’s One-Click-Solution enables consumers to transfer FIAT money to any available wallet because all wallets are combined in one consumer account.

The possibillity to pay with cryptocurrency without having any cryptocurrency in the consumers wallets will change the market from Crypto-Trading to Crypto-Paying.

Image: © RainerSturm | PIXELIO