The Most Compelling Marketing Strategy by FinTech Companies

The Most Compelling Marketing Strategy by FinTech Companies

Internet is the main platform for most FinTech companies. These companies use online stores to make their sales. The reason for that is that when any person wants to have more information about a financial service or product, he/she research that company online. That’s why every FinTech company must have an online platform to provide information about the company to the customers.

The main reason for online research from the buyer is to gather information. Marketing materials such as advertisements and other things to attract the customer don’t matter when customers search for information about your company. The adverts are not always reliable. According to research, 80% of customers decide based on the information they have collected through articles and content about your product. Content marketing is the most important strategy used by FinTech companies. If a company is putting effort into creating, publishing, and distributing digital content for a specific product, it will attract the customer and be considered as good customer service.

Pinpoint: Know what your customers want

Every FinTech marketeer must know the thought pattern and needs of the customers. Once the marketers have identified the customers’ needs and the pattern of their questions, they can now create the content according to that. In this way, your customer will be getting exactly what they need from the company. Hence, it will also establish trust between the company and the customer.

Measure: Identify your goals and KPIs

FinTech companies need to have clear goals about their marketing strategy. Setting key performance indicators are necessary to measure the success of a marketing campaign. These KPIs should be unique for their specific niche. For instance, the KPIs for a successful marketing campaign of an e-commerce website include several signups reaching your desired number, the desired ranking of your content on search engines like google, and an increase in the number of leads and sales to your set target. For all these factors, the companies should set a specific KPIs to identify either they are achieving their goal or not.

Promote: Choose the most suitable channel

If you have identified your target audience, the next step is to know where your customers are mostly available. Choosing a channel for your niche doesn’t have to be popular, but it has to be the one where you can target a maximum number of your customers. For instance, Facebook has 2.3 Billion active users, but your target audience is mostly on LinkedIn. This means that choosing LinkedIn in such cases will be best for your niche.

Maximize: Regularly check loopholes and resolve the issues

A good marketing campaign involves the identification of the issues on time and resolves them. The best way to do it is to see your marketing content from the customer’s perspective. By this, you will know what exactly you need to improve. Use the keywords more effectively. You can use Google Keyword Planner to get some assistance or choose to use the topic cluster model.

Content marketing ideas to attract more customers

The best strategy is to make the content consisting of facts and figures that can bring the necessary information to your customers to attract more customers. Proper and professional presentation is also an important factor in content marketing.

Following are some content marketing ideas that will help you attract more customers:

1. Have video testimonials of your clients

People are more likely to decide when they see proof of a previous customer’s success. It is good to have your customers’ testimonials and case studies explaining how your solutions have helped your previous customers. Creating a video library or other testimonials from your previous customers can be a very effective marketing technique.

2. Trend-based content

Trend-based contents are more likely to grab the attention of your target audience than normal content. This means that you can use the ongoing trend to your advantage. This will require skills to grab your target audience’s attention through a trend and then slowly drive them towards the solution your company is offering.

3. Evergreen content

Evergreen content is the content that is going to be in the search results for the long term. You should create content that won’t go outdated like topic content to attract more audience for a longer period. FAQs, DIY Tutorials, Resource Lists, Guides, and Case Studies are examples of evergreen content.

4. Showcasing your team members as experts

This might be a surprising factor to consider, but buyers are attracted to the companies where team members are represented as subject-matter experts. Most FinTech companies make this mistake that they show only CEO and CTO as the experts, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Other thought leaders can also be represented as experts to improve the credibility of your company.

5. Telling a story about your company

Neuroscience experts have shown that people mostly make decisions based on their emotions rather than rely on facts and figures. You can also tell a story about your company which will link your customer’s emotions with the company. That’s why testimonials and reviews are among the first thing that a buyer consider before making the decision.

Content marketing reasons of success in FinTech

The first reason for the effectiveness of content marketing is that it is cheaper than traditional marketing methods. It is likely to generate three times better results than other marketing techniques.

Another reason is that content is more likely to create Customer Lifetime Value. It means that the customer is more likely to work with the company as long as the content is valuable, and the company’s solutions are useful to the customers.

Content marketing is proving to be more and more effective for FinTech companies. Over time, 88% of business-to-business marketers have chosen content marketing as their main strategy. Many companies have fallen behind their competitors by adapting content marketing; It is better to have a content marketing strategy to stay in competition with other companies.

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