PayPodo Payments

PayPodo Payments for your business benefit.

PayPodo is the crypto payment gateway to allow users to pay with cryptocurrencies even without any prior knowledge about crypto. By uniting all major systems into an All-In-One Payment solution consumers have everything they need for crypto payments and trading in one account. This combination guarantees an easy and transparent One-Stop Payment Solution for merchants and consumers. 

Converting cryptocurrency into FIAT money is complicated and expensive with all non-crypto payment service providers. With PayPodo merchants can easily convert all received cryptocurrencies into FIAT money through our integrated FIAT Gateway. This can even happen automatically, if requested.

Various integration types are available to connect PayPodo with your shop. With PayPodo Payments, invoices can be settled quickly and securely.

The sum total of transaction fees and FIAT gateway fee are lower then any payment service provider in the market. Stable Coins guarantee conversion at any time.

Image: © Tim Reckmann | PIXELIO