PayPodo – From identity to corporate design

PayPodo – From identity to Corporate Design

PayPodo stands for Community. For this reason, we want to convince the public with a consistent corporate design. Furthermore PayPodo stands for passion – in progress and availability. In terms of design, our set goal is to make complicated services easier for you in a visual form and to adapt it to today’s requirements.

Based on gaming, PayPodo combines speed, protection and the idea of community based on modern technology: for consumers, service providers and merchants. And like any strong team, all opinions are considered essential. Your user experience makes sure you’re a part of our community and a driving force that enables us to continue moving forward together.

Check, share and pay – nothing can stop you. No matter whether gaming, e-commerce or daily business: PayPodo puts you in the center and gives you what what other service providers cannot offer: That sense of community, with extensive options for payment interfaces and an intuitive app design – not only for your smartphone, but also on the web.

Subjective Perception vs. Colour Theory

Clearly, green is first and foremost the colour of nature. And there are more than 100 different shades of it. Depending on the intensity, different emotions can even be evoked. For example, a bright green conveys freshness and freedom. A dark green peace and serenity. PayPodo reinterprets these colours and collects affiliation, protection, progress and growth in one term: community.

But whatever is associated with our colours should finally lead to a common dialogue. Because as versatile and unique as our own being is, PayPodo’s design follows the same classification for your personal finances: Versatility and uniqueness.

App-Design: Web/Mobile

Our vision for the PayPodo app design was and is to create an intuitive and easy-to-use app. Every important information should be right at your fingertips while the app itself looks sleek and sexy. Other banking and payment apps are often fussy, important functions are hidden and the design is inconsistent. They neither look good – nor feel good.

PayPodo changes that. Using an app should be fun and make your life easier, it’s already hard enough anyway.

PayPodo Only Transactions

To achieve that we took a closer look at other payment and banking solutions and checked them for their potential for optimization, as well as their range of functions and the overall visual appearance, to be able to deliver a better user experience.

The outcome is an easy-to-use app, which is reduced to essential information. Important functions are easy to find and the PayPodo app satisfies with a lightweight and modern design. Harmonious colour palettes, friendly illustrations, and a consistent design of basic elements such as buttons or icons, lead to a coherent, likeable, and reliable overall picture.

Open App Gate

New mock-ups and prototypes are realized by a collaborative working design team. This work goes through continuous iteration loops with developers and project managers. In this way, we ensure that all interests are considered, errors are eliminated at an early stage and thus the best user experience is guaranteed. In the future, we will of course include your feedback as a community and look forward to trying out new features with you to get even more out of PayPodo.

To keep the app design consistent and to be able to implement new ideas quickly, the design team has created a pool of so-called “assets” over time. It contains recurring elements such as icons, buttons, form fields and many more. New ideas and functions can thus be tried out quickly without falling off the design grid.

PayPodo Design Animation

A small glimpse behind the scenes: this is what the icons and buttons used in the PayPodo app, based on the style guide, look like.

PayPodo Colours

Last but not least, a little fun should not be missing during the joint work on design-relevant topics.

PayPodo Ghosts

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PCI Security Standards Council

PCI Security Standards Council

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