Ledger Hardware-Wallet Nutzer erhalten Phishing-Emails

Ledger Hardware Wallet Users receive phishing emails

Ledger users are are under attack and targeted by a phishing scam. To store personal keys for cryptocurrencies offline, a series of multicurrency wallets is used known as ledger hardware wallets. Since we think that members of our community may also be affected, we share the Ledger Team’s warning.

Kraken security lab helped the Ledger Team to understand what’s going on in this matter. Here is the link of their blog:

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You should know this; Ledger is trying their best to avoid all these scammers and PayPodo are trying their best to help. Let’s #StopTheScammers together.

The primary purpose of this post is to tell you:

  1. Don’t share your 24-word password with anyone.
  2. Let’s put an end to scammer’s websites.

To put an end to the scammer’s schemes, the best thing to do is to take down their websites. Following are how you can help:

  • Let your every friend know that no matter what, they should never share their 24-word private key with anyone. No one will ever need your password. Ledgers will never ask you to give them our password. It does always belong to you.
  • Immediately file a complaint to your local Police Station against any fraudulent attempt.

The phishing scam is an uprising crime in cybercrimes. Our community will be safe if we all act as one.

As soon as you detect a scam, tell the community immediately. #StopTheScammers.

We are well aware of the distress and doubts you are felling because of these scams. We want to let you know that the Ledger team is well on track to stop these scammers.

What does the Ledger team do against scammers?

  • The Donjon security team is continuously looking for these scammer’s websites so that they can provide the respective authorities with their URLs and all other technological information.
  • The Ledger Team is managing and updating the French Public Prosecutor with the necessary information about a current criminal complaint. So that he can inform the Police and the Police can capture and take legal action against the convicts.
  • The Ledger Team has sent a legal request of full information of real culprits from online communications and directories in France and the United States.
  • The Ledger Team are contacting international Cyber-Defense organizations so that we can inform them about the case too. In this way, the Ledger Team is putting more weight in the complaint of this case by involving the international and massive network of these Cyber-Defense authorities.
  • The Ledger security teams are reporting these scam websites internally and externally of stealing personal information of the users. They have managed to shut down 42 websites out of 87 reported within these few weeks. Despite, reporting the abuses several times, there are still some users who are unable to be active again. This explains that some of these websites are always online.
  • The Ledger support centre is providing all the necessary information to customers, and the Ledger Team is communicating and answering your questions through our support centres, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Reddit and other social media platforms.

Together we are strong, and we can fight this.


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PCI Security Standards Council

PCI Security Standards Council

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