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COVID-19 will contribute to an faster growth of the digtial world

We are convinced that in the COVID-19 pandemic people, goods and services are becoming more digital, while online and offline banks and other financial institutions can barely meet resulting changes in clients’ needs and wants. The banking sector is rather focused on fighting against dwindling margins leaving little space to update their aged IT infrastructure and lacking in customer centric, innovative products. In particular when looking into online businesses and their disruptive dynamics, they are constantly bringing up new products, services or ways of monetization, while their finance service providers, processing payments for them in the checkout process, are falling behind. This sector stands out mostly for its unclear service offering and fee schedule. So, it is hard for online businesses to find the one which suits their needs. But not only the business side is challenged here. Also, their users have hardships with aged tech in the finance industry making transactions timely or costly and putting personal data at risk, when web shops or banks servers are getting hacked.

Blockchain is the answer for stagnating financial services

PayPodo wants to step in here by building a closed platform, better said a vivid community, based on blockchain where participants will be able to exchange goods and services after undergoing a verification process. By bringing both together on one platform and creating that great community, PayPodo offers more than just the next banking or payment solution: Users will benefit from customized deals or rebates from the network in a safe environment and can actively get involved with whatever products or services they are interested in. And again, thanks to its blockchain technology, all transactions within the system are for users instant and free of charge, both domestically and internationally.


Consumer Stories

Your next skiing trip can come

The yearly skiing trip with your old friends from university is coming up. But you all live now in different places across Europe and one of you organizes everything and pays for it upfront.

An SEPA transfer would be free of charge, but it takes a couple of days. For instant transfers there is e.g. PayPal. But once you want to send money instantly and cross border these payment providers charge up to 5% esp. between different countries or currencies.

With PayPodo bills between friends and family are shared easily by providing an email address, wallet ID or QR code regardless of different locations or currencies. All transactions are in real time and free of charge for you and your friends being part of PayPodo.


  • Send money to other PayPodo users instantly by using an email address, wallet ID or QR code.
  • You can pay either with the balance on your PayPodo account or you use the pre-saved payment method to complete the transaction.
  • National and international transactions between PayPodo users are completely free of charge, there are no hidden costs.

A new and save user experience

Your favorite soccer club releases the new jersey at season start. Since PayPodo is the corporation partner of your club and you have signed up for a club branded account, we might have a surprise for you in your mailbox providing a discount voucher for the fan shop. During its check-out process PayPodo pops up again and you can redeem your voucher.

You can check our balance and last transactions without switching devices or apps. You can also sign up to stay up to date with other great offers and become part of your club’s loyalty program. Bonus points you collected can be used also outside the fan shop with verified partners.

So, in short: banking and payments combined with great deals on just one platform!


  • PayPodo is more than just your new bank account, it offers great deals and bonus points.
  • Web shops, when they want to join our community and offer their products and services go through a detailed verification process.
  • With a scan of a QR code you stay fully flexible in our online or offline shopping.

Your data belongs only to you

The corona crisis makes us buy more and more goods and services online. Often it is hard to identify if a merchant is trustworthy or if your personal data is save there. Almost everyone sooner or later makes the experience of misused credit card details or stolen PINs or passwords. Besides the financial damage, you need to go through annoying customer care processes to sort out the situation.

But how can you avoid all of that?

PayPodo, never gives personal data to the web shop during a payment process. The transactions are only executed directly between encrypted wallet IDs in a decentralized network. A Multi-device authentication ensures that only you can start the transaction process.


  • The peer-to-peer network makes all transactions immutable, and tamper proof
  • Through verification of all participants and multi-device authentication unauthorized access can be avoided
  • Decentralized systems don’t depend on a central data point, thus are resistant against manipulation
  • All deposits are guaranteed by the central bank up to 100.000€
PayPodo is connecting sports teams and their fans

Merchant Stories

PayPodo is connecting sports teams and their fans

Sport teams, esp. football clubs have become very professional in terms of sport and business management balancing off tradition and progress. Developing new and stable sources of income is vital to be successful on the field and keep the fans engaged.

PayPodo’s modular blockchain technology offers various possibilities for that: We can help with customer and/or fan activation by not only being a payment service provider, but also giving fans their own – club-branded – bank account. This makes it possible to address fans with various marketing and sales activities. By using PayPodo’s module “smart contract” for setting up a loyalty program the next channel for revenues can be set up: For many advertising sponsors of soccer clubs, participating in such a loyalty program creates a completely new level of interaction with the fan as a potential customer. Until now the advertising sponsor was only able to run pure branding campaigns, now a measurable and predictable potential for a direct increase in sales is created.

The soccer club on the other side creates an even closer relationship with its sponsors. It becomes mutual and sales driven.

PayPodo is solving pain points in the booming gaming industry

The gaming industry has outgrown Hollywood and the music industry combined by growing 12% reaching a turnover of $148 billion in 2019. Nevertheless, payments still represent a major hurdle due to the international nature of the industry. Many payment providers charge fees of up to 6% of the transaction volume for international transactions in addition to a base fee of up to €0.35 per transaction.

The high base fees in particular makes micro-transactions unprofitable for many businesses, although these micro-transaction have a high relevance this industry. Another major challenge is payment fraud through stolen payment information or hacked accounts.

Every chargeback due to payment fraud is a high financial burden, as payment service providers charge up to €30 per chargeback. With an average chargeback rate of 2%, the financial loss is already as high as €6,000 for every 10,000 units sold, although this could be prevented by minimal security measures.

PayPodo can help tackling these challenges: With our blockchain technology transactions run in a peer-to-peer network in real time and with the same cost for national or international transfers. By having now base fee micro-transactions are getting easier profitable. The verification process and security measures reduce chargebacks.

PayPodo’s new billing options for live streamers

In 2020, worldwide sales in the entertainment industry will reach $51.6 billion, growing +10.7%. The fastest growing are live streaming platforms like or which becoming more and more popular. For these formats payment solutions are often falling behind, especially when it comes to diversified payment plans. Due to their outdated IT infrastructure, their basic fee of a transaction is between 0,10 – 0,35€, which makes this billing model simply unprofitable and impractical for the stream platform.

But PayPodo works completely differently, because our blockchain technology allows transactions to be executed in real time, even internationally, at any time. Billing models such as Pay-Per-Minute or Pay-Per-Hour can be used to offer streamers more individual payment options, while no basic fees are charged for a micro-transaction even when crossing national borders, thus creating unimagined possibilities.

Subscriptions can also be processed via PayPodo with a big difference that the transaction for the subscription is separately initiated by the user, which creates additional trust in the transaction on both sides.

PayPodo supporting the expansion of AR and VR the applications

The augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) industry, forecasted to reach 20,4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 is also increasingly used in other fields of applications, such as clothing, automotive or education. But let’s start looking where AR & VR is most known, in Gaming: Game Publishers and independent Developers still have issues with the payment process, especially, when it comes to in-game transactions which are mostly micro transactions. If these micro-transactions exceed a certain amount during a certain period of time, the risk of these transactions being charged back increases.

PayPodo can help here and solves this issue by allowing users to set personal limits for in-game transactions, which results in benefits for both the user and the online business: Users can define their expenses to a certain limit. The game publisher has the clear consent of the user, which makes chargebacks less of a problem. Since VR and AR proved to be able to inspire their gaming audiences by telling stories in a new and fresher way, also educational institutions and the education industry become aware of these technologies, where instead of fictional stories, real knowledge is transmitted. Applying these new technologies allows them to present highly complex topics in a vivid way attracting especially younger audiences.

Here, PayPodo can give as well as support with its flexible and in real time payment options, e.g. payment per completed lesson. The user is not forced anymore to take off the headset and interrupt a session for the payment process but can easily handle everything on the run. Another of PayPodo’s functionalities offers automated split payments: By avoiding manual revenue splitting on the accounting side, it increases efficiency, speed, and transparency across a network of content production and marketing.

PCI Security Standards Council

PCI Security Standards Council

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