What are stable coins and why can they influence the crypto economy?

Although the concept of a non-volatil stable cryptovoltaic currency is often found in economic literature, there are many organizational and algorithmic obstacles associated with this technology. Stable coins, or “stablecoins” as they are also called in the crypto community, are digital tokens that are designed to provide measurable stability and security. These tokens would have […]

EU approach to obdaiting regulation

The European Parliament has adopted an approach to regulating acquiring in the EU. The approach of the EU regulators can be summarised as follows: ASPSP is an account service provider (banks); AISP – provider of account information; PISP – institutions providing payment initiation services. AISP and PISP are together defined as TPP – Third Party […]

PSD2 Directive: The era of open banking has begun in Europe

Following the first payment directive, the main achievement of which is the single SEPA payment zone, the EU begins the transition to PSD2. On January 13, 2018 the next stage of implementation of the payment directive was completed in the EU. By this date the banks had to bring their activities in line with the […]